Work with us

Born in Pesaro, FORMULA SPEED has now become the leading brand in Italy in the production and sale of driving simulators, as well as in F1 merchandising.

Our goal has always been to realize the impossible dream of experiencing the emotion, the sensation, the perception of our heart champion, also offering the possibility of training, competing and dressing at ridiculously low costs, which are the main cause of the separation of the mass.

Availability and capillarity are the cornerstones of our service. We focus on practicality, as well as aesthetics, so that anyone can handle them.


The experience: For more than twenty years the founder has dedicated himself exclusively to high-level competitions in the most disparate national championships, not by collaborating in the development of dream road cars such as FERRARI / MASERATI.

The craftsmanship: all our range of models is made with carefully crafted, and is entirely handmade in Italy: in the district of Pesaro where master builders model gritty and sinuous shapes together with master forge makers realize our simulators and show cars, and where good IT professionals create increasingly advanced and graphically customizable software.

The vast possibility of customization: By making full use of our peculiarities we are able to make our products modular and modular, depending on the available space.

Finanaza and Bureaucracy: You put the enthusiasm, we will think about a financial plan tailored to your needs and we will support you with a training technician to carry out the tasks necessary for the opening of your SPEED CENTER

MERCHANDISING: Precisely for our experience and good relationship over twenty years in motor sport, we are the only ones to be able to boast FIA (F1) and DORNA (gp) products in our stores. Our team of interior designers will accompany you from the first moment in which you will enter in the point of sale, will support you in the purchase and arrangement of memorabilia and merchandising, because everything for you is a source of business will follow you later, for any your request or information.

Confidentiality: unlike others, you will never find two centers in the same province. We guarantee an area of ​​confidentiality, because for us you are the most important component of our company

Availability: our experts are available 7 days a week to assist you on line and intervene remotely.

The franchise will have a trademark and distinctive signs in concession and will have a wide range of users available exclusively.