• Our company was born thanks to the experience and entrepreneurial will of Mr. Davide Pizza alias Davi Speed. For 27 years gravitates in the orbit of racing with various tasks, PILOT, INSTRUCTOR and TESTING, where he touches the pinnacle of his career testing dream cars such as FERRARI and MASERATI.Current to milk and engines, from the “grandfather FALIERO” (an elder) neighbor) that being disabled for the amputation of an arm, with the help of the small Davi who passes the tools, is delighted to repair mopeds.In the meantime, the years pass and looking around, growing in a land where the engines are the master (MORBIDELLI, BENELLI, DORINO SERAFINI, GRAZIANO ROSSI, EUGENIO LAZZARINI), the child with the torn trousers and the knees hollow, he made an idea about his future. But it was with the advent of “FEBBRE VILLNEUVE” and the subsequent premature death in the vision world of the Canadian myth that the vague ideas become certainties, as a man will be his profession. FORMULA SPEED arises from the combination of the driving technique of the most varied disciplines participated and complex processes users of prestigious homes in which Davi Speed ​​was formed. the success of the FORMULA SPEED simulator comes from a single concept, that of VERSATILITY. 360 ° VERSATILITY. From structural to technological. Thanks to the indispensable feature that has allowed our brend to reach goals and world recognition the FORMULA simulator SPEED, is able to allow the training of new pilots, how to consolidate those already in the career, how much to entertain enthusiasts passing through corporate incentives, making themselves usable through customizations or special achievements. An entertainment system designed to carry out small and large events within: motorways, shopping centers, fairs, events, private parties, etc … Thanks to important partnerships and first level consultancy, we can offer products that are difficult to find on the national and international market, offering the utmost competence and professionalism to meet the needs of our customers. FORMULA SPEED, is on the market as a learder company in the field of driving simulations applied to different types. Our goal is to offer a format at the highest technological level, in addition to offering products focused on the world of driving simulation to meet personal needs, sports and entertainment that brings the virtual world closer to reality. With this purpose comes our flagship, which with great pride we claim the “SHOW CAR” a product with high technological impact and image, associated with the racing world, which contains the best of the world market …… … For this series of well-founded reasons, we can consider ourselves the PROFESSIONALS OF SPEED!!!!